Hi everyone. I just got my Prusa last week and only managed to assemble it yesterday. I did 2 prints (Prusa logo and Pug Buddy) and I’m pretty happy with how it went. No issues with assembly or the calibration, the only issue was with the PINDA probe height (which was set too high) but I managed to get it working while adjusting Live Z by -0,750 mm. It’s a bit much but I got the V2 calibration to stick to the bed perfectly. Here are the examples of first prints, so I think the printer is calibrated OK.

I have a question first about moving the printer, I didn’t quite understand this from the manual. If I move it to another surface, I should always preform the Z calibration?

Next question is regarding cleaning the heatbed. Isopropyl alcohol is recommended, but I cannot get it easily here in Croatia (farmacies don’t hold it and I don’t know where to find it yet), but I can get ethanol. While they are very similar and the heatbed should be chemical-resistant, I’d still like to check if someone has used ethanol for cleaning the bed?

Last question is about the print removing. I cannot find spatchulas with rounded corners anywhere. I’ve been to 3 hardware stores in my town and all of them have only spatchulas with sharp corners. I’ve bought a set of 4 very thin spatchulas, so hopefully they won’t damage the bed even though corners are sharp. Are there any other means of safe print removal? Dental floss seems like a good option, but what else?

That’s it for now, thank you!

Prints look good.

My thought on moving it would be to run through the calibrations again just to make sure it is ok.

Alcohol wipes would be preferable for day to day cleaning but acetone can be used also but I might go easy on it.

You might contact Prusa via their chat for ideas on other cleaners. They say window cleaner but be careful for additives that can leave a residue.

I’ve contacted Prusa before asking here, they weren’t sure if glasses wipes would be good for cleanning but they confirmed they cannot do any harm. I’ve bought 2 dcl of ethanol since I couldn’ t get isopropyl anywhere, but I think it should work since they are very similar. Thanks for suggestions.