I plan to buy a mk2s and mount it like this: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1692666 with other bearing and with side panels

Ok this machine is a killer with PLA but with ABS and ABS with kevlar and thinks like that?

Can i have the same qualitat than a zortrax m200? Because i will print more ABS than PLA?

Thanks a lot


Not sure about its comparison to the zortrax, but the mk2 is just as good with abs as pla if you have an enclosure. The bed has no trouble heating up to temperature easily and it’ll heat up an enclosure easily too

If you want to go the 3030 way, take a look at the Haribo edition!

Im printing XT-CF, PC, Nylon-CF, ABS, PLA, PETG, NGEN etc on my MK2s, without enclosure

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My advice is… both.

Zortrax is one of best machines for styren based materials (HIPS, ABS, ASA, PC-ABS) and even if you achieve same or even better quality on some models with Prusa, Zortrax do it without effort almost every time.

If you think about composite and exotic materials, then Prusa is the choice. It needs much more setup and experimentation effort, but you easily could master carbon or glass fiber filaments and 2 materials prints and flexible.

I’ve got those two, and couldn’t even have imagined doing what I do on just one.


If you are concerned about material availability on Zortrax, don’t be. If you are going to print with ABS mostly and if you don’t want to spend all day calibrating profiles, M200 is obvious choice.


The prusa i3mk2s is the current revision being sold and is a powerhouse. Once you get it dialed in it will print just about anything. Though for something’s you will need to change out the nozzle for either a plated or hardened steel nozzle. Don’t know about the zortax but my prusa i3 mk2 is still printing amazingly and even pulled off a print I wasn’t sure it was going to be able to

I pretty much print a majority of my parts in ABS on my original MK2. I use Zortrax Z-ABS and the prints are amazing. The downside is without being in an enclosure, some taller parts can get some layer splitting.

Hello Ninou,

I’m a 3d printer manufacturer and I sometimes print model for other people. When printing ABS I never use DIY kit.

ABS has to be printed in higher temp. than PLA. 3d printer with enlosed case will be better.

It also depends on the size of printed model, larger interface on heatedbed it is, easier wraping.

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The MK2 does just fine with ABS, PETG and exotics. Plenty of people make really cool enclosures on the Facebook group also. For many making the enclosure is half the fun.

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To be honest guys, i owned many printers and the Zortrax m200 is by far the most impressive printer i’ve worked with.

It’s also more than $1000 more expensive

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Hi Quintox,

You can’t compare it to whatever is cheaper… but more to what’s above.

I agree, but the question wasn’t about which printer is better. The question was if a prusa i3 mk2 could print at the same quality as a zortaz m200 with abs and more exotic materials. And I, along with most other people think that the answer is yes. Of course you can get good print quality with a printer that costs almost $2000, but the question is if you can get the same quality with a <$1000 printer

Like i said, we owned many 3D printers since we first started, and i don’t think any prusa style printers will match the quality of the Zortrax. Period

Lol alright, that’s your opinion. Many others here including myself have been able to achieve flawless prints with our MK2’s


@Openforge, you’re totally wrong. Many proven that same or even better quality on Prusa than on Zortrax is possible and it’s only matter of good setup. In my opinion Zortrax advantage is not about quality, but ease of use and repeatability. You just press the button and could expect successful, good quality print almost every time. Zortrax is also much slower BTW.

Once more, I recommend to get both of them, this is exact same configuration I use and it’s kind of “gold configuration” in low budget, small scale 3D printing.

Original picture and print by Majsterkowo.pl


Thank you all with your answer

whenn i understand we can make the same qualiti with an mk2 ? But with 2 days test whenn we buy a new material time to have the good setup on slicer or other