Hello. I just got the QIDI X-Smart and have run into an issue with the computer and the printer.

I cannot seem to get the printer to recognize the computer (or something like that). I successfully connected the printer to my wifi, however, after I slice a model, there is no printer showing up on the list of where to send it. Hope that makes sense. Both the printer and the computer are on the same network.

Please see attached photo. My apologies for the graininess.


I plugged in the USB stick that came with the printer and saved the file onto the USB drive

Then, the printer name appeared under the “Device Name.”

However, when I tried to send it directly to the printer, that error message at the bottom also showed up.

ARGHHHH!!! Sooooo frustrating. :frowning:

I’m sure the solution is simple and I just don’t know how to properly work the software yet. But if anyone could help me out, I truly appreciate it!

Thanks again!!!