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Since a while now bcn3d Sigma is appearing on top of most rated prints.

Before buying one I have some questions for owners and users of this printer.

1) Is the printer reliable on long prints with support material?

i made some prints with my old UM2 of more than 70 hours, is bcn3d Sigma capable of

similar performances using 2 materials?

2) How often do you have to empty residual material container?

3) Do the noozles easily clog? Did you ever had to change one?

4) Is the dual extrusion system reliable in the months?

5) Dark sides of this printer?

Thank you

I had one, returned it after ~3 weeks.

Do not like the fact that the filament push mech. is not in the heads


the firmware is not (was not) in my view, ready for prime time. This may have changed…

I also have a ZYYX+ (single head) that works, compared to the BCN3D, much much better.

Hope this helps.

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