Hi everybody,

my name is Valentin ( french student) i’m passionate about 3D printing but still discovering this technology. I’m printing with a flashforge dreamer, and i’ve noticed that when i’m printing parts that need support or raft. These are really hard to remove. First i thought it was the flashforge filament but now that i’m printing with an other filament i have the same problem, do you know why ?

Thank you for you answers

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Hi Valentine,

I too use the flash forge dreamer and I have this problem as well. There are a couple of resolutions,

1 - Use the dual extruder so that you print your rafts and your supports with a dissolvable filament like PVA (Dissolves in water) Or HIPS (Dissolves in Limonene.)

2 - You can actually use a different slicer software and that will increase the quality of both your prints and the ease of getting your rafts and supports off. here is a link to a review on different slicer software;

(I have just given you the results. If you want to watch the individual reviews then you’ll have to watch part 1.)

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