Rattle on start or stop...



Hey all,

My excellent son bought me a Monoprice 3D printer for xmas. I have been playing with Blender, CURA 15 and created a project. I have learned a lot about ABS this past week and have the printer heating up to 230/80 and the print looks great.

However, every time I turn on the printer or the print jobs finish, the print head runs to home and rattles like it is being told that home is somewhere off the grid. Of course, my concern is it will eventually destroy the belts.

You guru’s out there, what is happening and/or is my fear accurate? BTW… for an older Geek like me (56)… this home capability is absolutely fantastic. It really plays into my ADHD/OCD wheelhouse. :slight_smile:

Thanks for any pointers you can offer.