As in title, I have a coloured terrain model created in Pix4D. I want to make a printable model out of it but when I try to extrude the outline to make a solid, I get the red one.

It used to work with a previous site but for some reason this one doesn’t. I am working with coloured OBJ file and the texture is fine. I tried reducing the size in MeshLab with quadratic decimation algorithm, deleting single errors highlighted in analysis tool wiithin MeshMixer but still have the issue.

The only way it works is when I choose the border, hit Expand Ring option in Modify tab and then Optimize Boundary. This allows to make the extrusion but when I accept the result the software crashes. It also allows to make an extrusion of original Pix4D output OBJ file but crashes as well.

I am enclosing a screenshot and an original Pix4D OBJ file (suppose with no colour information as I can’t upload MTL file) Any clues where is the problem?

Best Regards,

skerries2-10-17_simplified_3d_mesh.obj (67.7 MB)
skerries2-10-17_texture.jpg (0 Bytes)

Hello Kuba

First of all, congratulation for the idea. Print a ground model is a really nice job, in my opinion, with a lot of possible applications.

You seem confidence with the software that you are using. I want to suggest you to think out of borders.

I have a couple of doubts about your project, first of all: what is the dimensions of your model? Scale it and make a try with the procedure that you expose. And then, about the border problem, did you try to cut the perimeter with a solid?

I wish you to reach your goal.


The dimensions are pretty okay. Original ones were of around 60 centimeters long and other dimensions accordingly. Anyway after scaling to ~A4 paper format the issue still exists.

Can you please explain what ‘cut the perimeter with a solid’ means and how to do it?