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Requesting mirror of STL to be printed as well

Hi! I would like to print an STL and also print its mirror. I don’t have a tool to do that and understand that this can be done in most printers.
Is this possible?
I would put an order of x2 of the STL, but where would I write the request regarding the mirror to make sure that is what I get?

I printed with Danels Hub and was pleased with the work, and wanted to use his service again (as I thought I could just message him) but messaging is now disabled after the service has been provided. This means I won’t be sure I’ll get what I need.

Any tips?


I cn do that by working on the design file. I work as 3D modeler preparing objects and figures for 3d printing.

Have done many different type of projects, got experience on object assembly.

If you are interested, email me back, I have very razonable prices.

Kind regards,

E_mail: decor.impresion@gmail.com

Just download Meshmixer. It is free and easy to use. Google “Meshmixer Mirror” and you’ll get a hundred step by step guides on how to do what you want. Will take you 5 minutes. Then you can upload the files the way you want.

Thanks! Ended up doing the same but with Fusion 360. Been intending to take a look at Fusion anyway. As you said - found a solution and fixed it, took ten minutes :slight_smile:

Hi! I tried my luck with Fusion 360 and managed to mirror the object myself. Will keep in mind in case I have a much more complicated issue with the file. Thanks!