Rough-and-Tumble is a board game for your 3d printer.

Rough-and-Tumble is a board game with a new and unique game mechanic: a game of chess with hexagonal boxes. You will choose between four teams: dwarves and orcs, from the first edition of the game ( amazons and undeads introduced in this game expansion. It’s also possible to play Rough-and-Tumble with the only expansion, the two editions can be used separately from one another.

Why rough-and-tumble is different?

It’s not a normal board game that you buy and put on a shelf, this is a game for your 3D printer!
By buying this, you will receive files to print miniatures, map and markers, directly by your own 3D printers, while cozy at home!

Why 3D?

-if you already own a 3D printer, it’s cheap and also funny, you will print unique and incredible quality models.

-If you don’t own a 3D printer, it can be an opportunity to buy one! Costs for a printer are already low and accessible to anyone. You can still use a service like: 3D hub, shapeways, or any other that the net are crowding.

-No shipping cost! Anywhere in the universe, you just download the files and print!

-You can print it as many times as you want, for you and your friends.

-You can decide any printing dimension, from miniatures to real size titan sculptures!

- You can use these miniature for other games, as proxyes in games like ninth age or fantasy football.

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