Hi guys, hope your ready for another of our the 3D Hubs super star intros!

Enjoy a good Talk with @Robin3D, our new Head of Customer Support, as he explains more about his daily responsibilities and his enthusiasm for 3D modelling and games.

'Many of you will have probably seen me around already but please allow me to introduce myself, my name is Robin Brockötter and I’m the Head of Customer Support here at 3D Hubs. It’s my job to manage our team of talented 3D Printing Experts we have here at 3D Hubs. Every day we get hundreds of questions from hubs and customers and we do our best to answer all of them as quickly as possible. With the fast grow of 3D Hubs it’s an interesting challenge to keep up with all the new users joining, growing amount support requests that come in and at the same time, still keep our communication personal.

One of my goals is to communicate all the feedback we get from you guys to our product team so they can make informed decisions on what we should focus on next. The better the tools are and documentation that’s available for you guys, the less work my team will have to do and the more time we will have to focus on a new project that we’ll be launching some time later this year!

But this is an introductory post, so I’ll give you guys a little bit more info into who I am. I’m actually fairly new to the world of 3D printing but I’m catching up fast! My background is actually mainly in 3D modelling/sculpting and customer support. I completed the International Game Architecture and Design course in the Netherlands with a specialization in character modelling/sculpting and after that I had the opportunity to work in Dublin on the YouTube demonetization team helping out users with their questions. That combination, together with my strong interest in 3D printing led me to 3D Hubs and I’ve been having a blast here ever since!

Because I made many character sculptures in the past I couldn’t wait to print them and actually hold them in my hands. My favorite printer is without a doubt the Form 1+ because it’s simply perfect for displaying all the fine details of my ZBrush sculpts. A close second would be the Ultimaker 2 due to it’s reliability and ability to also produce some beautiful prints.

Finally, as a big gamer, I also love printing memorabilia from my favorite games. If I mention the companion cube from Portal 2 I’m sure that’ll ring a bell with many of you. I found a great version of the companion cube on Thingiverse that was modeled so it would be perfectly printable on any FDM machine. This did however mean that it had a flat side and I wanted the cube to be as close to the original as possible so I went ahead and modified it a bit. I then printed about a dozen of them in different materials and on different machines.

I’ll leave you with some of my favorite prints:

If you have any questions for Robin, make sure to ask him in the comments below.



cool prints @Robin3D !

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Soo many companion cubes

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Hi Robin @Robin3D

I really like your first picture with your 3D printed selfie xP

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Hi, everyone!

I am trying to print chocolate with Zmorph but it is really hard to adjust proper temperature and texture for chocolate. I have been trying with couverture type. How could you catch the right texture? Which temperature and viscosity is the right one to print an excellent 3D chocolate pieces without spreading? Did you measure the other parameters?

Please share any tips you know!