I have an M200 that’s been working OK since V1.0.

I just updated the firmware to version 1.1.1. Now it takes twice as long to warm up for a first print.

With all previous versions when you select a model to print the machine would start heating the platform and print head simultaneously. With this new version the platform heats up to 100% and after the platform reaches 100% it starts to heat up the print head. After the print head reaches 100% the print starts. But now it takes twice as long to reach temp for the first print because the print head is not able to heat up until AFTER the platform is fully heated to 100%.

This seems like a very annoying BUG.

If there is some reason Zortrax has decided to ignore the print head until after the platform is heated… Please enlighten me. Thank you!



Its not a bug, we’ve decided to split heating to avoid material degradation in extruder. We are working on different solution to speed up heating process, should be implemented in one of upcoming updates.


I explain it simple: the temperature for the bed is set to 50° by default (power on and it heats up) and when you load the filament it loads it at 240°.
Now the new firmware and software combination allows you to go down with the hotend temperature.
The print now starts heating the platform so the hotend can cool down a bit and next the hotend get heated up. In this way there is no risk for example to start a print at 200 but printing instead 240 because you loaded the filament in that moment.
They should put a filter so if you set the temp to 240° or more it heats platform and hotend together.

I also noticed the same thing but unfortunately I do not know the reasons. As soon as you start printing, the machine does exactly what you said or repeats 2 times the delighted heating. Hopefully set up because it looks like a bug