I have converted a Slic3r file to xyz ware with the established header and footer mods but when I send the file to the printer in xyz ware I get a device not found error. I am using the DaVinci 2.0 duo printer.

Have you tired turning it off and back on again? Haha jk. When I flashed my firmware (probably a year ago) XYZPrinting ware getting rather tricky with XYZWare to make sure you did eveything the way they wanted it done (to make sure you bought their cartridges as you know) even to the point of bricking your printer (so I heard). I wouldn’t be surprised if they have done something else to prevent you from using a different slicer.

If I were you I would just flash your firmware and use Repetier host. You will have to do some calibrating to dial it in again but it’s worth it. You can use any filament (with some hardware upgrades) and you can use whichever slicer you want.

If you’re worried about a warranty, don’t. XYZPrinting customer support is useless. You are better off pulling the trigger and making your printer opensource and learning about it so if/when it breaks you can fix it.

Sorry I can’t help with your problem directly. Good luck.