Hello everyone,

I very frequently run into an issue where when I need to print an object with support the supports first layer is just laid down without much care. Right now i’m using PETG from eSun.

One thing that might alleviate this is a border around the support material to keep the edges from coming up. Print the border first then the loosely spaced infill. This might also help to maybe reduce the amount of times support material may get ripped up as the printer is making it’s no-printing moves.

Does anyone know if there is a way to have Slicer do such a thing.

I’m tired of gnashing my teeth and pounding my desk.

Here is a photo of what I run into:

Enabling firmware retraction seems to have helped a bit. Any additional tips would be helpful. I’m printing at 40mm/s, support material at 30mm/s, 245c/90c.