My family is moving to another country. I don’t want to part ways with my printer - I’ve taken excellent care of it. It sits on my desk and is never moved and I’ve constantly cleaned and maintained it.

I have all the boxes, manuals, and have purchased a little more than 1 year ago. Been printing for about 6-7 months.

Price includes extra extruder/nozzle, can of acetone, tinted side covers, and all my filament (I have numerous rolls of white, grey, and black, in Z-ABS, Z-ULTRAT, and Z-HIPS). Can of acetone can only be given to local buyers of Orange County.

Have recently taken it a reseller in Arizona to get cleaned and checked over.

I can also walk you through my cleaning process if that helps and provide any printing tips, but this machine prints AMAZING prints in ABS at very good resolution.

can you ship to the uk?


Just a friendly remind, I can get new zortrax m200 in $1600 from the local dealer. So the price might be too high for a used one.

Also 3D Proshare services cannot be trusted. They are liars and con artists.


Sorry to hear you haven’t had good service from them! What went wrong?

3D Proshare has been really helpful to me. I drove my machine from California down to Arizona and they have technicians that know how to maintain the printer and clean the extruder and heat block really well. They also have been good about giving discounts for filament.



If you want to pay for shipping, I can do that.

Hey PrintAWorld,

Thanks for the info!

My price includes side covers, which are not included with a new printer from the Zortrax website. I bought the printer from Zortrax directly and not a reseller.

I also am giving away my extra extruder/nozzle, and at least 6 rolls of filament of different types (Z-ABS, Z-ULTRAT, and Z-HIPS).



Are you still selling this printer?