Someone broke the website



My hub views reset to zero and I don’t see many hubs if any listed when searching for a place to print

@Brian, @gabriela3d


Hey @keebie81, thanks for flagging this! We just released a new update on the website, so our developers are currently troubleshooting this. The problem should be solved within the hour, our apologies for the inconvenience.


Could there be somewhere on the site where we can see changes that were made recently? Seems to be a few issues lately of changes happening and not being communicated until few days later in an announcement.


Good point, we could look into a change log and or status page where you can see how different parts of the site are doing.


Agree! Thanks so much for the feedback. And please keep us posted if you notice anything else out of the ordinary.


The option for pickup is missing from my hub now in the results if the search isnt local. This is bad idea. Ive had orders from people that are not local but they drive through the area and would pickup the order. Or they needed it quicker so they picked it up.


I also lost ranking as well… Could be to other hubs being verified first I guess…went from 9.something to 12.86? lost 3 places with no changes on my end over night. Interesting. I would Love a development page. Keeping us updated with changes and upgrades will be epic! Thank You Gabriel and Brian.


And it is Fixed AWESOME THANK VERY MUCH!!! AWESOME!!! :slight_smile:


Hey @keebie81, we’re currently showing the pickup option only to customers that are within a 30 km range from your location. Alternatively customers that are interested only in pickup orders and are willing to drive longer distances can tick the ‘Local pick up available’ under the More Filters button, and all Hubs offering pickup will show up. Hope this helps


I still lost half my hub views as well as a little avg. ranking after it went to zero.


C’mon 3D Hubs… For the amount of people connected to this site, the amount of prints being done through this site, and the fee 3D Hubs is charging for each print, I imagine that you guys can implement a tighter site security…


It was not a security issue. It was due to an update to the website.


I’m not very fond of this feature. I live 31.1km out of the city, and I offer pickup at the university as an option. Customers in the city don’t see pickup as an option because it is just outside the 30km radius even though I offer pickup close to the center of the city at the university. I understand the “Local pickup avaliable” box can be ticked but people are lazy and they won’t tick it often. My competitor’s pricing is competitive, customers will choose him when they only see shipping as an option and no option for pickup at my hub. Perhaps I could set my location as the universities address but that really is not ideal.


This indeed sounds like a not so ideal situation. I’ll have a look at bumping the 30km to 40 or 50, think that will solve most issues for now.


Thanks for taking the time to read my reply to my message. :slight_smile:


At your service :wink: