Why am I forced to scroll through hundreds of hubs for such a basic sorting option for this type of service? Am I missing something or is sorting by price really not an option?


Probably not there because it would just be a race to the bottom for the lowest price. In 3d printing, the cheapest may not always be the best.


what’s wrong with a “race to the bottom”?

“the cheapest may not always be the best”

that is why there are ratings…

clearly there is a desire for this:

not everybody can afford the $1000 prints. some of us just want a basic generic quality “quick print”. and besides, it lets you choose the quality (microns) before you buy. perhaps THAT should be a search option as well…


I am new here, but find it quite annoying that there is no sort by price option - this is not an optional feature, it is a MUST!

+1 for adding this feature, seems obvious…

I understand that this is a two sided market and your printers are as important as those wishing to print.

But crippling the site to cater for one side over the other seems counter productive.

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