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spectrum z510 software problems

Thank you for help.
What should appear on monitor when I connect it in vga plug? Am I supposed to give input through keyboard? If yes then how?

Like I wrote, you will se the BIOS starting up (normal like in every PC), if you are familiar with PC you will find on the screen some info. Probably BIOS battery dead. Just plug the monitor and PS2 keyboard and you will see.

I’ve attached keyboard and monitor but it shows different errors like time/date

When I press f1 (boot) then it shows screen like this

Typical, I as mentioned the BIOS battery is dead. You must replace the battery on the motherboard. Diskette error will probably does not matter in booting but can be switched off in BIOS setup.

The other photo shows online state and normal operation I think so this means you can print. If you need any cheap quality binders for the printer send me a message.

I’ve replaced the battery but issue is not resolved. System does not boot by itself, I’ve to press f1 for boot.

Now I’ve another problem. I just switched off the printer and switched it on again, now it’s fan is not working and I think supply to main board is not through… Because LCD on control panel is also off. I’m in a real mess…

Vga signal is also gone.

Hallo, ich hatte das auch mal das ich F1 drücken musste. Ein Elektroniker hatte dann festgestellt das sich was im Bios verstellt hatte.
Das starten des Mainbord wurde aktiviert.
Aber wie er das gemacht hat kann ich nicht sagen. Also F2 drücken und mal durchschauen.

Hello, I had the same thing that I had to press F1. An electronics engineer had then noticed that what had been adjusted in the bios.
The start of the mainboard has been activated.
But how he did that, I can’t say. So press F2 and see through.

Did you ever get the problem resolved. Its happening to my machine.

Hello everyone
I have the following Problem:
When I print comes the clear Binder normal. From about 50 Layers, the Binder is switched on and it only presses the colored Edge. The running through of the Binder is going well, in my Opinion. Can this be a Software Problem? I’ve got V 3.206 on it.
Does anyone have a Tip for me?

Or does anyone have the Firmware 3.206 for me?
Then I could play them again.
You can do That with a USB Stick, right?
The Flow of the Binder is super only the printer switches off the flow after some Time.

Thank you for your Help

Hello? Is there no one left?
Does anyone have a copy of flash drive?
Or can anyone please help me??
My printer doesn’t want to work anymore.

hey guys i have a zcorp z510 here it has a booting problem when i try to switch it on it goes past bios and then when its starting to load it tells me there is a reference

voltage error in the adc

Hello, when it comes to auto alignment always comes the message: "can’t pick referece head " does anyone know what I need to do?

Hi. Poor spread, build bed not flat. Dirty sensor on pogo. Try those first.

Hello kalgula20,
There is also too little powder when aligning. I’m already going for it myself. Can I set that somewhere?

Try FILL_BED_SPREADS 35 command in .ini file. But I would guess that the platforms are misaligned or maybe roller in not spinning right or too much powder is getting out of the build platforms on each side. Don’t really know if there are any settings for powder dispensing since this is not the automated system like 650/660.