Can anyone tell me what’s going on with this stl and how I can repair it?

Clearly it seems that the original stl consists of overlapping objects and cura interprets the overlap areas as empty rather than filled.

I tried doing a repair in Netfabb, I also tried importing and re-exporting out of various programs including blender,Openscad & Autocad. I couldn’t solve this- granted I am a complete novice with Blender & Netfabb.

I now have the engineering drawing for this and I can redraw it in a fraction of the time I’ve spent fiddling with STLs but I want to learn something from the effort I’ve already spent on this.

The attachments are largely self explanatory but you can see how cura shows in in normal view (what the customer wants),

layer view,

how it printed;

and how it shows in blender

and netfabb.

Thanks in advance to anyone who has any ideas how to resolve this given just the STL



In blender there is a way to flip the faces around. Have you tried this? Because red colored surfaces are meant to be inside surfaces. (Going from the sliced part image)

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I tried this and it seemed to make no change. Assuming I did it right of course, I am feeling my way around Blender. However I did load some other models and they also have red outside in layer view, so not sure about that

You could try the fix horrible setting , in the expert menu in Cura playing with the A/B buttons can have the desired result

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I actually just found another solution to the immediate problem which I am about to post -I will do that seperately, but you win!!! Using fix horrible either A or B did the trick as well (just based on layers view). Thanks so much, that will help next time- now I know what fix horrible does- never touched it in nearly 2 years of using Cura, haha.



Right, so @Xeno’s fix horrible suggestion worked (as did redrawing the part myself last night- sigh), but I had a similar issue with a new part just received. When I printed it in one orientation it was fine, in another it was not.

I was about to post that this issue didn’t happen in 15.02.1, but I just checked and my install of that version had fix horrible -A enabled (not that I remember ever enabling it- might have been like that for a long time)

So thanks, that has been really helpful.



I know you already found a solution but I wanted to throw it as another solution.