I have a new Stratasys Mojo printer for sale. The printer is out of the shipping box but still has the packaging intact and has never been used for printing. Includes the startup kit (2 build trays, manual, software, parts, etc) and one support material cartridge. I do not have the WaveWash support cleaning system. Printer retails for $5999, I am asking $3000. Located in the Boston area.

Man do I wish material wasn’t so damn expensive. I am not to far from you either.

I am a journalist with Bloomberg News working on a story on 3D printing. I’d love to talk to you about your experience with your printer (even if it was a brief one) – would you have a few minutes to talk? Thanks much, Olga (503) 471-1359

Says “Opened but never used”. Might be a little too brief for you haha

No, that’s long enough.:slight_smile: I’d love to connect; would you have a few minutes to talk on the phone? I am happy to call you, if you’d prefer that. Thanks much, Olga

Oh, I’m not the owner. Just someone kind of interested in buying.

I’d be curious to know why you want to get rid of the printer - and also why there is No Bath system with your’s. Myself - I have a Mojo - and it does a Great job producing prints!

Hi, if you’re interested in buying the printer please let me know. This was an auction find and the sale didn’t include a wavewash support removal system. I already own a Stratasys Dimension printer and am selling this Mojo to make a few extra bucks.

Hi Josh, sorry it’s taken so long to respond. If you want to take a look at the printer just let me know. I understand your concern about the cost of material. I have several Stratasys Dimension printers and the material cost is about the same. I just started experimenting with rewriting the cartridge eeproms and refilling the cartridges myself to save money. I’m not sure if it would work for the Mojo, but that may be something you could do to lower material costs.

Ya, I looked into flashing the eeprom and I couldn’t find anything specifically mentioning it functioning on the Mojo. Really wish I could because it would definitely make it a better deal.

I have the Fortus MC400 xl at work and I love the machine. Well I hate the idea of supporting them because of what they do to filament costs I really wish I could own a machine from them.

Ill spend some more time looking into the eeprom. If I can find anything it’s certainly a contender for my next machine.

Email me offline: VRFX at Optonline dot Net

We can discuss there…

Kurt - the Dragon Guy!

Hi Josh, Have you had any progress on hacking the EEPROM on a Mojo printer yet?

Keen to try this since we need to replace our cartridges and the cost is exorbitant!