I’ve had several models now that I’ve had to print with a hollow opening in the bottom. These openings are sometimes 5-10 cm high, but only 1-2 cm in width/length. So I have a very tall line of support material that is surrounded on 5 out of 6 sides by solid walls. How do you break away support material in this case? Even when I tell Cura to leave a wide x/y gap, it still connects the lines to the surrounding walls at the ends. Is there any good solution other that water soluable support material?


Hmmm…I think for this one you can control those supports by Software. I would recommend buying Simplify3D, you can manipulate the supports and tell specifically where to put them.

Could the 1-2 cm be bridged by your printer? If so, I would echo the recommendation for Simplify3D as it would give you the ability to easily remove that troublesome (and hopefully unnecessary) support.

Yup Totally agree, Simplify3D its totally worth it, for the price you pay

Small dremel with a cylindrical cutter? You’d need to rig and extension and use slow speed.