Recently I was considering buying a Prusa i3, I’ve read exceptional comments about it and it looked like a good option.

However, on the past days I stumbled uppon the Tevo Little Monster and it seems tempting. It offers a great build volume (considerably bigger than the i3) and it is supposed to be fast being a delta.

I’m interested in high quality prints and in being able to print nylon (not only nylon but I’d like to have the option)

Should I go for the Little Monster and that extra volume or should I stick with the i3?? Any experiences with the Tevo Little Monster?


PS.: I’ve also taken into account the CR-10 but I dont know if it could print nylon and Im a bit unsure about it.

If you are talking about the genuine MK2s then that’s what I would go for. I am biased however since I have one. One thing it has going for it is that the drivers, firmware and a version of Slic3r are built specifically for it and updated frequently.

I am not familiar with the other two printers so can not advise on them.


My experience is this: Go with prusa mk2s, better support, multimaterial upgrade, constant updates, awesome printer etc. 10 emails to tevo support 0 replyes…


Delta printers have a touchy calibration procedure if they do not auto calibrate. If they do it helps solve many headaches down the road. My other warning against a delta printer is the potential cooling issues and slight play in the printing head itself. I have a delta and a Prusa I3 MK2, but I much prefer using the Prusa. Unless you are looking at constantly larger prints for props or whatever, then go with the larger volume printer. If I need to do something large then I’ll use both printers and just glue the smaller pieces from the Prusa onto the larger body that the delta printed.


I would definitely recommend Prusa MK2 i3

I have it and I would not change it except for another Prusa :slight_smile:

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Hello romogo17,

I researched for a long time before buying my Original Prusa i3 MK2. I read and witnessed so many people who wanted to buy knockoffs just to save a couple hundred dollars…most all ended with regrets and none stop print issues. The Originals prusa i3 MK2 (now MK2s) is rated as The Best 3D Printer for 2017 which remains undisputed. The support you receive from Prusa is unsurpassed and the support forums are amazing. Basically, you start with a perfect printer of unmatched quality once it is built then you begin to learn knowing if there are print problems, it is NOT your printer printer, it is your lack of knowledge which quickly changes as you print and ask questions. Shortly after, you have amazing prints with the widest support for different filaments. when a printer lacks that level of quality, you can learn everything there is to learn but that printer will never print as good as a printer such as the Original Prusa i3 MK2s. Buy the kit which saves you $200 (currently $699). The build instructions are incredible; you cannot make a mistake. The advantage of buy the kit and saving $200 is you’ll know how to disassemble the printer for future upgrades or repairs. You cannot go wrong in buying the Original Prusa i3 MK2s. These printers are amazing! I hope this helps in your quest of buying the right printer.

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