Text/SMS notifications quiet times.


Hey Hubs!

We currently have a “quiet” period during the evening/night in which we do not send out any text notifications. Now, we would like your opinion on whether or not this works for you. Please give us your answer through this Strawpoll:


Thanks in advance!

Robin - 3D Hubs


Since the survey only was a yes or no answer heres my reasoning. I would rather get the notification right away. I have my phone set to silent at night anyway so the alert wouldnt bother me.

Sometimes when the texts go out that were stored overnight I think I got a new order when in reality it is just the order from the night before that I already took care of when I got up.


i also have my phone on silent mode when i sleep… i voted no thou

i dont mind delayed sms as mails gets to the phone anyway…

my reason for wanting the sms’s to be held back is that there are a few times where i need people to be able to contact me during the night (sick family etc) and during those nights i dont want to be bothered by an order, that i would not get out of bed for anyway

if the quiet period goes away i would be forced to give 3d hubs a bogus phone number as i want to be in control of my phone an not everyone else

most people thing we have a phone so other people can get in touch with us, sorry i’m not that kind of person. I have a phone to get in touch with other people when it suits me

when it comes to 3d hubs i have hours where i respond to emails from “customers”, outside those hours i want complete control


You cant put in a fake number, the number needs to be verified. You could instead go to your settings page and turn off sms notifcations


Assign “no ring” tone to the hubs SMS then it will be quiet.


I would rather have messages/emails come through immediately.


why not offer as an option?