Hi all,

As today is the last day of my internship here at 3D Hubs, this means an end has come to my research on recycling. When looking back to this picture that I took for one of my first posts, I realize its been quite an amazing ride. Thanks for the many very helpful comments, it is so great to see the 3D Hubs community is so involved in a very important topic! Special thanks to @, @Jeffrey_1 and @Alexander_8, our mayors who will continue to do awesome recycling stuff.

Foto van mij met Filabot voor Talk.jpg

If you’re interested in seeing my overall report on the feasibility of small-scale production of filament please let me know! I’d be happy to send you a copy :slight_smile: A small disclaimer is called for though; it is a rather technical and detailed report. In general the content is moreless the same as what I presented in my Talk post series on recycling though. I look forward to keeping the recycling topic one of the most active topics here on Talk. For any questions or comments also please don’t hesitate to contact me by leaving a comment to this post or by sending me an email at bram[dot]hallo [at] gmail[dot]com.



I’d love to have a copy of your report! It’d be great to get it done in Lille. @, any advice on how to put that in place?



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Hi Julie, Cool! will send a copy to you!

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Hi Bram,

Same here, would love to see the report.



Hi Julie,

Wanted to quickly reach out. We’re setting up a social enterprise that creates high quality 3D print filament that is ethical, sustainable and affordable. We do this by taking plastic bottles collected in developing countries and turning it into filament locally. By turning plastic into a high value plastic we can enable waste pickers to earn 20 times more from the plastic they collect. We’re always looking for people who want to get local 3D printing community involved. So if you are interested in, please let me know at Jasper@reflowfilament.com. More info on www.reflowfilament.com.



And who should we bring our old PLA?