The Spam is Getting Out of Hand


There seems to be a growing amount of spam, both in the orders and here in the Talk Forum lately. It is unavoidable, it is just part of running a large website. However, it’d be nice to see 3DHubs do something about it. Perhaps community moderators, or simply a report button on posts?


AMEN ! thanks


Over a year of asking for a flag button or community moderators later this same issue is still coming up.

It’s almost like 3D Hubs gets paid to allow these spammers full access!


Hi @JimHeaney

At the moment we’re currently moderating manually and deleting instances of spam when found.

I’ll discuss with our product team to come up with a more automated solution, we had issues in the past with mass South Korean spam threads so it’s something we’ve solved before, in this case it’s slightly harder to see though as it tends to happen on older threads.

The idea for community moderators is definitely worth exploring as well as a report button, thanks for the feedback.




report buttons shouldnt be hard to do, +1 on community mods as well


Yes, they need more moderators. I submitted a thread a week ago and its still hasn’t been approved. Tough to have a forum when you don’t allow users to post threads.