This is the YouTube video to go with the previous post about tumbling parts for polishing. I didn’t go super in depth but next week I am going to touch more on tumblers and the various media you can use and tricks I have learned. In the meantime I hope this helps you guys out!


Super nice! Thanks, Calvin.

Good work, mate! I’m really sold on this one, can’t wait to try it myself.

Thank you Gabriela! I see the need to touch on this more in another video soon but for the moment this will do!

Thanks! It takes a while to tumble the stuff but if your doing say a large batch of parts the ability to just sit there and let it run over a few days is very convenient. When getting the media try and find somewhere that sells various sizes in one bag so that way you have a better tumbling action from the larger parts and the smaller ones are reaching the little areas.