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For those who don’t come on the Ultimaker forum and have a printer from the Ultimaker 2 family, do you know there’s an addon for it that makes it possible to swap the nozzle in a couple of seconds?

I’ve installed this addon and i’m very happy with it, it’s really something that changed the way i used my UM2. You can find it on http://www.3dsolex.com and i’ve made a tutorial on how to install it on my website: http://www.ideato3d.be/actualites/install-the-olsson-block-on-your-ultimaker-2/

For the french users there is also a french version: http://www.ideato3d.be/actualites/installer-le-olsson-block-sur-lultimaker-2/

Forget the clogged nozzle with woodfill, print with a .6mm or .8mm nozzle and it runs perfectly.

Print abrasive materials like XT-CF20 or glowfill with Stainless steel nozzles.

Print fast with a 1mm nozzle! (perfect for ultra rapid prototyping).

If you have any questions feel free to ask!

Meanwhile here’s a video i made with the 1mm nozzle:

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Great tips, thanks for sharing, Didier!

@Linda_Zouad Maybe we should upgrade ours as well :slight_smile: