I have been running my hub for about a year now, but have not received too many orders just 5 orders so far and have fulfilled all of them if possible, we have good reviews and all but now the orders have slowed down, so I am just wondering if there is any way to improve my hubs viewership and start getting a few more orders !



Your profile on you hub says “One of first Hubs to be established in and around Chennai City with over a hundred satisfactory prints delivered” but your comment above says only 5 orders. So is it a lie on your hub page?

Your bad review also probably isnt helping. Are there other hubs in your area with possibly more reviews and better scores? Also try offering more materials and colors.


We did a lot of prints for students who came to us directly and not from the hub page, overall the reviews are good.

You may be right there are Hubs with a lot more reviews.

Wondering if there is any way to get orders by optimizing parameters on the hub page.