Use 3D printer in Dubai's urban elements


Dubai’s RTA announced plans for a bus stop, pedestrian bridge, and maritime station by three-dimensional printing.

Dubai, one of the Middle East financial forces, has long been in the field of 3D printing, especially in terms of implementing local technology and infrastructure.
The first printing office for urban elements in the world was built in May this year, and will be the first 3D-printed 3D skyscraper to be built in the world. Follow the news section of this section to find out about Dubai, the 3D printer Explain the urban elements for you.

The latest announcement by the Dubai Road Administration (DTA) indicates that the three-dimensional print-outs can turn into a reality in the next few years. RTA is one of the key organizations in Dubai throughout the world as the technology center and one of the world leaders in infrastructure achievements.

Dubai Metro System is known as the world’s longest non-driver subway system in 2012 with a length of 75 km.
This record was until the end of the year, when it was broken by Vancouver SKY TRAIN in Canada.

According to Abdul Reza Abulhassan, executive director of rail projects, planning and development at the rails agency and the executive committee of the 3D Dubai printing strategy at rta, the new plans that rta intends to use with 3D printing technology. Drawn up. Various projects such as the pedestrian bridge, the Hata Gis, the bus station and the maritime transport station … By using 3D printing technology in the implementation of these projects, it will help develop innovative ways to effectively promote Dubai as a The smartest city to help. Dubai is a global center for tourists, visitors, investors and businessmen and one of the world’s financial, tourism and service centers.
Hata’s project

The Hatta Ghis project was introduced for the first time in December last year as a new additive for public art in Dubai.
This large project is located in Dubai on Hata Road. According to matter al tayer, general manager and chief of the board of directors of road and transportation, Hata’s project has a unique design that reflects the identity of Hata and its nature in a modern and innovative environment.

The design of the gorgeous topography of the gorgeous and nicest area, with mountains and rocks in a creative style with different columns of different settings. The above figure above the Hata Mountainous Vertical Symbol is an unforgettable memorial for viewers.

Design freedom is enhanced by the digital production process of 3D printing technology, as well as reducing costs and production time, meaning that large structures worldwide are changing rapidly. Three-dimensional printing can be eliminated almost entirely. , And its automation means that the amount of work required is significantly reduced.

Installing a 3D robotic printer in the construction site, it can selectively export the cement and convert it into a complex concrete structure.
Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid, vice president and governor of Dubai, said in April 2016 that 25.5% of the total construction in the UAE should use advanced production techniques.

The announcement is part of the launch of the 3D Dubai Printing Magazine, a unique global initiative aimed at rebuilding the economy and the labor market, improving productivity at the 3D Dubai Printing Center in the world. The International 3D Printing Center in Industrial City Dubai was launched shortly afterwards. Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid also said that by 2025, this technology will add $ 300 billion to the world economy.



I live in the Middle East and see Dubai’s progress closely … In recent years, the city has grown significantly in various fields of tourism and technology and has become one of the most prolific cities in the world to compete with Paris. .
Recently, the government of the country’s men managed to agree on the use of three-dimensional printers in Dubai’s urban elements. In the future

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