Thanks Jay for feedback, did you try to buy the pump? When I was looking for it, they did not sale this product.

Please tell your experience.



Hello @protoserie,

Yes, I wrote an e-mail hours ago, and I want to place an order.
Where did you ask? THOMAS or FAULHABER?

If they can sell this product, anyone want to buy?
I could buy some for spare parts and check if it’s possible to export.

you can also contact me by email.

or facebook > lunglungdesign


Hi @protoserie and everyone,
As I know, it’s possible to buy this micro motor only, and I will place an order for sure.
If someone wanna buy it together, just let me know.
It will take at least 10 weeks after the order be placed.



in Dec 2017 the vacuum value of my Objet24 fall down sporadically to 4.1, goes up again, dowen up… Then I drove the machine head to service position, switched the print er OFF and did a reserch in the web. Fortunately I found this thread and especially the link to

it was very helpful. I deassembled the pump as shown there and cleaned it. Then I changed the ballbearing (absolute coincidence: I really had the fitting one). Additionally I’ve blown through all hoses, the vacuum equalization tank and vakuum filter (direction to the air inlet) with oilfree air pressure.

By the way I also unplugged the vac hose on the heads and put it into a little plastic bag (In the event that there would be material in the vacuum hose) and blew it through with oilfree air pressure. There was no material in it, lucky me.

While the unit was still outside the Objet, the Faulhaber motor was tested without and with pump (use 4V external DC-power on the GND and Motor pin on the controller of the vacuumunit, see yellow arrows) and it purrs like a kitten after cleaning.

Putting the unit back into Objet, connect vac hose from heads and also the connector with the ribbon cable. Switch on printer and - voila - the pump sounds clean an even. Vacuum-value is always between 5.8 and 6.0 thats absolutely OK.


This post describes just my personal approach maintaining the vacuum unit on my Objet24 and every imitation happens at your own risk. This remark only to my security …

Good printing and a happy 2018

Edgar from

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