Hi guys,

Im launching a project I’ve been working on for awhile on July 18th. The Versa3D is a exciting product for desktop fabrication. While it is an improved desktop 3D printer, it also has CNC and laser cutting abilities. We wanted to make the product user friendly so we have included a bunch of user friendly features such as wireless printing and control, automatic bed leveling, and automatic edge finding for milling.

Check out out Kickstarter this Monday. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/2043505942/1056936514?token=80cbcb15

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seems very wonky and overpriced…
needs quite some improvement and better costing if you hope to reach the 100k

Totally agree 3000 USD is way too much money for this machine.

The frame looks fine, it can handle some light milling operations, but why you use these stupid wheels for a machine with milling capabilities and such a high price tag. The linear rails (12-15mm HIWIN MGN rails ) are so cheap now, so I would not bother using these wheels. Also the rack and pinion system…I am not a fan for it, its can be fine for milling and laser engraving, but for 3D printing it can only handle slow accelerations and this will greatly affect printing times also they can be quite noisy, and will have a backlash over time.

I would replace with a strong belt system, 10-12mm wide steel reinforced GT2 belts (T belts are not really designed for a sync. motion).

Also an enclosure is a must for this machine as milling operation will make a lot of dust or chips (dust will stick to the wheels and into the rack and pinion so another minus for this solution). The laser engraving is also a very smelly/smokey operation ( basically its burning away the material) so you need a good ventilated enclosure, witch will also prevent the laser beam to exit from it, or you will not pass any safety certification with this machine.


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If you havent already, check out the videos by Makers Muse entitled ‘should i back it’ on Youtube.

Angus runs a great 3d printing channel, and in these videos he details some recent kickstarter campaigns, identifies their pitfalls, and draws comparisons against previous and similiar campaigns.

It may also be worth asking him directly to a))

give feedback offline and b) to consider featuring your campaign in a video, when you’re ready to go public.

Generally, what you’ve done so far looks great. I think the key focus should be on how this is different to all the other multi-purpose machines out there.