Vertical axis problem?



Hello everyone, I’ve been having a problem with the printer I purchased and was wondering if I could get some help with it. So I purchased the printer above a while back thinking it could be an easy build and a safe place to start. I ran into a few small hitches in construction but nothing I couldn’t sort out from past tech experience. The real problem came in actually using the printer, upon testing the axis movements I found that the vertical axis doesn’t move (in calling it the vertical axis because I would call it Y axis while the instructions call it Z.) When I try to move it with the controls, the motors make a clicking noise and refuse to turn. So far I’ve leveled the printer completely, I’ve lubricated the threaded bars with 3 different types of lube (cleaning it Inn between each), I’ve double and triple checked the couplings and the screws in them, and lastly I’ve done all the research that my novice skills in the territory will allow. From what little I’ve found, either the board of the software aren’t routing enough power to the motors. One source talked about adjusting small screws on the board but mine doesn’t have them, the other suggested that it could be fixed by reprogramming the printer. Reprogramming sounds like the logical course of action but that’s also well out of my experience… I’m wondering if anyone here has experience with this, or a similar, model of printer? Maybe experience with the programming I would need to fix this of even another solution? Hell I’ll even take a guide on the language I need at this point, I’m honestly at a dead end here. Any help would be greatly appreciated, I’m really over my head here…


Remove the carriage from the z motors so they are free to turn. Unplug the printer and any USB connection. Plug in one z or vertical motor not the other. Power up and test moving the axis to ensure the motor spins. Not the direction the motor spins. Unplug the printer and swap the motors so the other z motor is plugged in (still only one motor plugged in) Plug the printer back in and run the same test. Check if both motors spin and if they spin in the same direction. Unplug the printer and plug in both motors still without the carriage attached and test again. You can disconnect the couplings and put a cup or box to hold the x axis up to do these tests with minimal disassembly.