Hello Everyone,

If your in the market for a well priced Resin 3D printer, check this project out.



Disclaimer, I’m a backer, there are risks with funding kickstarter projects. But if your a regular kickstarter backer you already know the drill.

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Your response is fair, and yes I agree with you. Purchasing something on Kickstarter is not to be compared with Amazon =)

I’ve backed enough projects to need excel sheets to keep track of them and the numerous delays on some. Some of the projects I backed are over 2 years late, and counting =) But hey… Im a KS addict anyway.


Since you posted this here, I feel it is fair to respond.

I am so done with kickstarters for new printers and printer add ons (the last ones I did are so far past production and delivery dates it is silly) that seem to have unrealistic delivery dates. These folks show shipping in December 2016, but also state they do not have production facilities set up yet.

Unless they have them already made and sitting in a warehouse, I am leary. The more backers they get, the more leary I get.

An unusually short delivery time often is an indicator that the kickstarter has unrealistic expectations as to what it takes to deliver.

I am also concerned they list no production partners, current team member resumes, etc.

Not saying not to back it, but be prepared for a later date than the projected delivery.

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