Which 3D printer to choose?




I’m going to buy a 3D printer and I’m wondering which type to choose?

I found 3 types that is reasonable in price and would be great to hear what you will recomend. Feel free to sugest other types as well even if the price is higher than the one I have chosen.

Thanks :slight_smile:


I love my CR-10 and would totally recommend it. I made a lot of videos on my youtube channel about it here: www.youtube.com/3dnow The CR-10 has been one of the best selling 3d printers for a while now for plenty of reasons; Low price, HUGE heated bed (300 x 300 x 400), many materials, fast printing, great build quality, easy to use, etc. It can print many of the materials you are looking for.

I have a coupon to get the CR-10 on Gearbest for $339.99, which is by far the lowest price I can find.


The coupon code is: 11CR10US

Let me know if you have any questions!!


Thanks for great information. The CR-10 is the one I like best of them. Do you know if there is the great difference between the CR-10 and the CR-10S? i know 10S haves Filament Detector, but is it so great difference exept for the price?


Yes, the Cr-10s has a filament sensor, power failure recovery, and dual Z lead screws (I think). Many people like the upgrade from the regular Cr-10 for the additional features and it’s only $100 more.

Here is the link to the cheapest CR-10s I could find:



Thanks JackP. It looks like im going to order for www.Banggood.com. The price will be about the same when you put on the shipment to norway on GB. I’m going for the 10S ;). Do you have any particular good brands for the ‘‘plastic’’ line? I’m kinda new to this as you know so it would be great if you could recomend some brands that you have had good resault with :smiley:


Great! If you buy from Gearbest, the printer is $5 more with 3 - 7 days shipping, but from Bang Good the printer is 7 - 25 day shipping. I have a lot of good filaments: Xperland, TreeD, Fiberlogy, Filament Innovations, MatterHackers, Proto-pasta, ColorFabb, Hatchbox, MeltInk, Filamentum. If you want really cheap filament, I can get discounts from Gearbest for their filaments.



Do you know if GB adjust the total amount payment on the shiping papers? Here in Norway we have quite a big taxing on products. Banggood, makes the price a bit lower so i don’t have to pay so much if it gets to costums.

That would be great, always good to get discount on products. I would probably print everything the first months ;). Probably print 24/7 :stuck_out_tongue: