Hi everyone,

my prints are now looking great but I would like to use rafts to make the removal of parts easier. I have noticed that large flat parts in PLA, ABS, etc. are nearly impossible to remove without destroying the PEI sheet or the part itself.

Therefore I have been printing my parts using a 6 layer raft. Now I am able to remove my parts completly hassle free.

I have noticed that sometimes the raft does not come off of the part easily and leaves behind some hard to remove raft residue.

Can someone recommend some Slic3r settings for rafts on an Original Prusa i3 MK2?


See if there is a separation setting for the raft from the bottom of the part similar to what supports have. Not in front of Slic3r so i can’t look right now.

These are my settings. I still have some parts on the print which are almost impossible to remove.

Any thoughts?