Hi ,

What workflow and software to you recommend for me if I sculpt my meshes in Zbrush and want to carve our decorative wooden artistic creations (ie: not flat)?


That’s a tricky question. I am not sure if Zbrush can export in a file format suitable for CNC machining.

STLs are not compatible with CNC and you might loose resolution when you covert an STL into a STEP or IGS file (which most CNC machines like).

I know that Fusion 360 also has a surface modeling / sculpture mode and can export as STEP. Also, Rhino has a dedicated CAM add-on so it does support CNC machining.


I know there are a few CAM softwares that do accept 3D files like obj / stl. Not used them yet.

What is the name of the Phino CAM add-on.


The name is RhinoCAM :wink:

I almost exclusively mill .stl files on a 5 axis cnc. Depends on the project but I can use a combo of Zbrush and Polyworks to Rhino then Powermill.