I never used a Zortrax M200 Printer, but I know that it has its own filament. If I am not wrong its filament is 1.75 mm.

I am curious to know if it is possile to use an alternative filament like woodfill or bronzefill in one of this machines without problems or hardware changes.


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filoalfa in italy makes a filament that works well with zortrax


Yes it has its own filament. In ABS, Ultra-T (stronger then ABS), HIPS and Glass.


I’ve been using the nunus abs filament ordered via amazon on my zortrax

I have to say though that allthough print quality is just as good as with the original the raft removal is a bit more tedious.

Hi, it is not possible to use thirty party filaments, since that will render the warranty invalid. One more thing is that you do not have control on the printing parameters such as filament temperature, so it is not possible to use filaments other the ones provided by zortrax.

You can use Oo-Kuma Filament for Zortrax :slight_smile:

hello, I use both fiamenti Zortrax both from other manufacturers without problems.
The filament has a diameter of 1.75 mm, recently I tried that of Verbatim, transparent, high quality, otherwise that of Filoalfa


It is possible to use other brands of ABS (as I have). I hear others say that for using bronzefill a 0.4 mm nozzle is not suitable, so one will get a cloged nozzle.

Have no idea how the Zortrax will react to a 0.5mm nozzle.

You cannot use the mentioned materials. Because in order to do so software and hardware need to be customized.

Experimental filaments are just that, experimental.

The M200 is a proven product that will continue to improve.

I would not try it because other filament types typically require different nozzle temps. Zortrax will be releasing their own Wood filament soon anyways along with a software profile to go with it.

Some other Zortrax owners may have tried it though so you could ask on Zortrax’s forum about it. The users there are pretty quick to reply and answer any questions you have.


I have used Taulman PCTPE and it works a quite good. I have also tried Easyfil-HIPS from formfutura.com which works great and is a lot cheaper than from the Zortrax store. But as people are saying, your warranty will be unvalid.

I am currently working on a hack to trick the printer to print other materials by controlling the temperature via separate hardware.

You can’t use low cristalisation temperature materials such as PLA and PLA composites because they will deform before extrusion and get stuck in the machine. For this the Zortrax M200 sucks.

only zortrax filament

Where do you het thuis wisdom? Many other filament types have been used succesfully!

You can use them, but warranty will be void.

If you want to experiment, buy some other machine. the M 200 is designed for Z-Filament series.

The fact that it can “work” with any other it’s just because maybe that particular filament is in the same range of Extrusion temp. But it doesn’t mean that it will perfom ok.

The Z-filament purpouse and concept is to offer customers high quality product, and a certainty on chemical and mechanical properties not like those “other” filaments, Actually very limited manufacturers test and provide information related to this properties.

For fabricating “maker crap” you can use any cheap filament. For producing high quality results, several alternatives are available, aside from Z-filaments like colorfabb, Orbitech, Ninjaflex, etc. none of them cheap.

Hi Guys,

As pointed out by others, the Zortrax uses it’s own proprietary 1.75 ABS filament (although other “Z” materials are available. The quality of the Zortrax filament is extremely good although it prints at much higher temps than other 3rd party ABS filaments. It prints as much as 20-30 degrees higher than most (typically around 260). By using the correct Z-ABS, removal of support is a walk in the park. When you print with other filaments, although it may work, the support will be bonded much stronger to the print which may may removal a lot harder.

Allegedly (LOL) the filament that UP! supply uses the same nozzle temperature and (allegedly) it prints identically with perfect support removal. To be honest the UP! genuine filament isn’t really cheaper and it has nowhere near as good a range of colours compared with the range offered by Zortrax, however it is more widely available in the UK.

As others have said, certain materials aren’t available as official “Z” branded and approved materials. For this reason, the print profiles similarly aren’t available.

There is soon to be a commercially available 3rd party plug-in mod to be released which will provide the ability to change extrusion temperature which will be a really exciting prospect for many Zortrax users. Use of any mod would of course void the warranty (which to be fair to Zortrax has been a VERY good warranty for me).

I would say one thing though, printing with Zortrax filament is virtually bullet proof. You can load a file, walk away and know that a 24-36 hour print will complete without you having to nurse the machine through every hour of the print. The material profiles are exceptionally good. It’s why I LOVE the Zortrax. Although the ability to print “alternative” ABS or materials at lower prices is a wonderful plus, it will of course mean that in some instances, printing will revert to being less predictable or plug and play.

I have an UP! Plus 2 printer as well as the Zortrax and to be fair, although I have a temperature mod for it, I don’t actually print anything other than genuine UP! (or Zortrax as they’re so similar) filament for the majority of the time.


Jay :slight_smile:

The warranty void is a bullshit thing. Yes they claim that without being specificaties. But in the end it can only voor The warranty on your nozzle, which has no waranty at all. And on The makercrap: my customers were not satisfied with the too yellow white from Zortrax. So I printed more than 800 parts in non Zortrax filament. Customer satisfied and I earned my printer back twice. Yes Z-abs creates beter removable support. But sometimes there are good reasons to choose other filament. If you are afraid of warranty void just keep an extra nozzle…

Hi Jay,

The meaning of my answer was to understand if it was possible to print with SPECIAL FILAMENTS ( woodfill or bronzefill) rather than with cheaper alternative ABS or PLA.

You can try but unless you change the firmware of the machine theres no way to adjust the printing temperature on the M200 and each type of filament needs heated to a certain temp to properly print. The Zortrax M200 filament is designed to be a bit different then normal filament to add proprietary for exclusive use. You can try different loaded parameters on the Zsuite and test other filaments with it but don’t be surprised if they don’t print right.

Eventually all types of filaments (wood, metal, flex etc) will be available for the Zortrax M200 but as of yet they are not available. I believe they are working on Z Flex right now and fixing an issue with Z Glass.

I have heard of success with some different ABS filament but they don’t print as nicely as the Z ABS.

Good luck with it and if you succeed, please let us know.

Unfortunately this is not possible because you can not change the temperature setting of the extruder

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