For some time now the auto calibration (leveling) function always fails - takes forever to get the rear of the build plate correct then goes left and right at the front (raise it, lower it etc etc) only to fail. Zortrax support simply say “level it manually” with no further assistance. Any suggestions, advice, prior experience of the same problem?

Try this, remove build plate, tighten the screws to maximum and then start auto calibration. Removing the plate should help to tighten the screws because you see is the screw tighten to maximum, and you can help with other hand.

Also a deep clean of the perforated plate should help.

I had the same problem, my answer was actually to replace the bed, the touch points were marked a bit from many removal of prints.

You may find that if it does successfully Auto Level, it may dive into the bed at the start of the print, this is what my machine did, if it has the same problem…

I replaced the bed ad everything went perfect from there on.

Salve ti consiglio di rimuovere la piastra, e pulirla ha fondo , dopo

di che fai la calibrazione manuale, è il problema è risolto.

Distinti Saluti.

If at any point when you’ve removed prints in the past with the scraper and you overshoot the scraper into the soldered contact points for the electronics of the bed and damage the attachment, it will likely fail autocalibration routinely. If you can resolder the connection that might work, otherwise it will need replacement. That’s my experience anyhow.

use the scraper as a thickness guide…to do it manually.

raise plate manually until about the distance of one scraper thickness away from the nozzle. Then, without changing the table height, move the head around to back left, back right and the front of the plate. Raise or lower the screws to match the scraper thickness distance away (nozzle from table.

this is a manual leveling method.

The same happened to me a week ago on my newly purchased Zortrax M200.

I was told again and again, by the display, to turn the nut to raise the front left part of the bed. I turned it and finally got “Auto Calibration failed” five times in a row.

I found that the screw turned with the nut and that the bed stayed at the same level.

The solution was to add an extra standard M3 nut under the magnet, inside the spring, and tighten the nut against the magnet.

This preventing the screw from turning, and made it possible to adjust the bed up and down - auto calibrated succesfully.

Buongiorno ho visto il suo post, ho da pochi giorni comprato la M200 vorrei chiederle un parere:

durante l’autocalibrazione l’estrusore si è collocato in fondo a destra e ha iniziato a fare un rumore preoccupante come di trattore.

Io ho spento la macchina con l’interruttore e ho spostato manualmente l’estrusore al centro.

La m200 ha fatto ancora lo stesso errore un paio di volte poi sembra tornata a posto; oggi ha stampato regolarmente.

Mi piacerebbe sapere cosa bisogna fare in casi del genere e se la macchina che ho acquistato è realmente nuova.

La ringrazio molto per il suo tempo, cordialmente Glauco Gianoglio