I am running a print farm which includes 4 zortrax printers. all of these 4 printers only run the same identical files. One of the printers will not complete any prints despite all my efforts to fix it.

  1. material extrudes perfectly with no signs of wear etc.
  2. Print starts perfectly
  3. first few layers seem ok
  4. Either one of three things resulds in ghosting:
  5. Material gets blocked but layers are adhered well then the print stops
  6. Layers are unstuck and probably causes a blockage which fails the print
  7. Layers go wildly out of alignment and the printer starts ghosting.

I have tried:

  • different material
  • re-levelling the plate
  • cleaning everything on the printer
  • changing the nozzle
  • changed the hotend
  • changed the extrude cable
  • tightened all screws
  • re-adjusted the motors/ bands
  • created specific print files for this printer with different settings.
  • changed the heatbed cable (I was going to do that anyway)

Any suggestions would be very much appreciated! Thanks.