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Hello all,

I've been asked by my workplace to find suitable 3D printing options for rapid prototyping here in the office, I've selected a few FDM style 3D printers. My problem is we already have a nine year old OBJET 30 3D printer from Stratasys with about 4000 hours of printing and in good maintenance, the print heads however are no longer functioning and the cost of repair with extending warranty and an onsite engineer was quoted at 3300euro. we are looking at obtaining a new updated FDM printer and I am wondering what to do with the old one, would it be of more benefit to repair the printer and sell it on after repairs or to sell it as is; in need of repairs. Ive looked online for second hand OBJET 30's for sale to judge the market but the value seems to drastically fluctuate, so I asking you the 3D printing community to point me in the right direction. All help and comment's greatly appreciated thank you


You are in luck that the Objet 30 is still manufactured and sold which means that getting spare parts for the new buyer would be possible.  In it's current condition (based on hours and the fact it isn't working), I'd be surprised if you could get much north of £2k for it.  In working condition you could probably get the additional 3k give or take that it would cost to repair. 


I would advise just selling it as is.  The extra investment you would have to make to the machine you are likely to only just get back.  It might even be worth seeing if stratasys would be willing to part x it against one of their FDM machines (assuming you would want to go down that route).

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