3D Printing/CAD Drawings needed




I need a few CAD drawings and 3D bottles printed. I have a benchmark bottle which is 25.4 oz, and I'd like to see a few different 1 Liter variations of that bottle: 


1. 1 Liter - taller bottle with same base width

2. 1 Liter - same height with fatter base

3. 1 Liter - proportionally the same


I’ve have specs available of my benchmark bottle for reference, but don't have any 3D designs yet. I may have a CAD artist available, but am not sure yet. Ideally, I'd like to work with someone who can do both CAD drawings and the 3D printing, but am open to the option of either/or. If the CAD drawings can be done, how quickly can those be turned around once given the benchmark bottle specs?


I have a deadline of Friday, 8/18. Please let me know if this is possible.


Thanks and speak soon!

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