Advice on Original Pursa i3 MK2

Hi everyone!

I've recently gotten the nerve to buy a 3D printer. I asked for some advice on what to buy yesterday and was meet with a surprising amount of feedback! So thank you guys for that.

I have done some extensive research on printers that would fit my needs and I think I have decided on the Original Pursa i3 MK2. Before I commit to buying one I wanted to hear some feedback from those of you who own one on what you think of it.

The most important decision I want to make is whether to buy the kit or completely assembled version. I would love to save $200 if I can. I'm worried I might not be able to replicate the quality of the pre-assembled version if I went with the kit. I'm generally a perfectionist when it comes to building things. Would I be able to replicate their assembly? I've seen a lot of videos that comment on how difficult perfectly squaring the frame is. Is this a common problem? Can it be easily worked passed?

Thanks again!


The build isn't that bad!  My first advice would be to read and re-read all of the build instructions.  The on line version is the best.  Pay particular attention to the user comments section.  Very helpful.

Next is - do not rush it or get impatient.


Just pay attention to the details.  Test fit parts and wiring.  Is a bolt or screw really the right length.


Just take your time and understand each step.

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