Anycubic Kossel - strange problem.

I have my Anycubic Kossel Pulley version for 2 weeks now. It always printed perfect - until now. I just wanted to start a new print and as it went to autohome, I recognized a strange thing. One Axis (x) just went a bit down and didn't went to the limit switch again. The other Axis worked as normal - so the nozzle scratched on the plate. If I move my axis via prepare menu, the axis moves up and down as normal. How can I fix this problem? I read that some people got this problem too, but the solutions of them didn't fix mine. 

Ps: Sorry for my bad english.


I had a similar issue with my printer. Maybe it is a more complicated issue, but at least double check this simple thing.

For me the screw on the carrige was not touching the end switch (after I have done some tweks on the printer). The solution was unscrew a little the screw so that in "home" or "up" position, it would touch the end switch.

Important note, "touching the end switch" does not litterally mean just to touch it, but to acctually press the button of the end switch, this can be easily verified because when this happens, there is a clicking sound.

Give us feedback if this does not fix the situation.

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