Dremel 3D20 Issues

Hello! I just got a brand new (to me) Dremel 3D Idea Builder (the 3D20). After leveling the bed for the first time, and printing out a few pretty cool stuff (the beginnings of a Daft Punk helmet), I started having issues. I use the 3D20 compatibility plugin for the Ultimaker Cura Slicer, and 3DPrinterOS. I bought some filament off Amazon (ran out of the expensive Dremel kind), made a few successful prints, and then I started having some issues. I think Cura could do a better job slicing my models if it had proper settings. I was wondering if anyone knew the default 3D20 print settings (Retraction Speed/Distance, Printing Temp, Initial layer height, Print speed, Travel speed, etc...) Thanks!


Hi 👋 


Ok so basically all you need is very easy to find in the Dremel slicer app (free download from DREMEL Site) 

but here are the key parameters you asked for


printing temp 220*C

1st layer 15um

print speed 80mm/s

travel speed 100mm/s


Just ask what you need more. I’m sitting in front of it.

good luck! 

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