Help Creator pro temp issues.

Okay let me start out with my origin of any error at all.  I have a flash forge creator pro 2016 model which worked perfectly up until my buddy did the microswiss hot end upgrade so we could attempt hotter temp filaments.  After completing the swap I got the ugly tool head 1 error.  I replaced the thermistor and heater tube and put back together.  No longer have a tool head 1 error, so far so good.. However upon setting preheat of both hotends to 200 another problem has arisen.  The left extruder only heats to about 100 giver or take and then starts to back down a few degrees.  The right extruder continued past 200 all the way to 250+, at which time i stopped the preheat process.  This led me to believe that the thermistors got switch left and right in the others plug or connection to board.  However the fact that the temps are reading the numbers they are is throwing my brain off in diagnosing this issue.  Any help or thoughts greatly appreciated.


One thing you can check is to see what they read for a temp when at room temperature for several hours.

The bed and both extruders should read roughly the same.


So, 70 degree room they could read 18-22 maybe.  If one or any read very different then that is a starting place.

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