how to fix this

im new to this comunity so i dont know mutch. I used the ender-3 that i just got.

The settings are down below.


Hi @Enug05


From what I can see the settings look more or less sensible, but can't seem to find the wall, top and bottom thickness (expressed usually in mm or lines/layers). It would be useful to share.


The rest of the print seems relatively regular, just the solid infill not very... solid. The 80 mm/s infill setting may be a bit on the high side and result in a not very good infill, but the solid one is at 20 mm/s and should give quite good results. Only thing, if the top solid infill doesn't have enough infill under it to support it and its thickness to too little, then you see that kind of things. Try slowing down the infill to 60-65 mm/s, shouldn't make much difference on the printing time (dominated by the slow walls and solid infills) and try to have like 0.6 - 1 mm for the top solid infill (for small areas like the benchy, 3 layers at 0.2 mm  is usually ok, but I feel safer with 4 or 5 in general)


Let's see where this goes next ;)




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