How long????

How long does it take for them to respond back to let you sell i've been waiting like a week now.



Hi Noah,
Thank you for checking in on your application. Due to the high number of 3D printing services connecting to 3D Hubs over the last 5 years we’ve noticed that the supply on 3D Hubs has outgrown the demand. Therefor we’ve decided that in order to maintain a healthy marketplace our focus will be making sure that our current community of suppliers are receiving enough orders first and thus on-boarding is strictly limited for new suppliers and halted for desktop FDM and SLA printers. Other manufacturing technologies will be invited by another team within 3D Hubs depending on the demand that we receive for these technologies.
Unfortunately we have no way of giving you an estimate on when you might be invited to join the platform, my apologies for this inconvenience. I hope you can understand our position in this matter.
Nahla - 3D Hubs


Has FDM and SLA been halted even in under-served localities because Express Checkout stretches the "local" aspect to be more "regional" instead? (At least for the US where Express Checkout applies)


I would guess so. It's more about having the lowest price on the whole west coast (I live in the Bay Area). I'm getting orders from Washington, Oregon, SoCal, Nevada, etc.

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