Issues with Z Offset

Hi all-

I'm relatively new to 3D printing and I've recently been having issues with my printrbot. When I was printing the first layer, I was getting gaps in between.


I found this thread and figured the issue was the Z offset. I changed it the value to -0.10, and the gaps disappeared, but the the nozzle would drag over the top of the layer and gouge it or would cause the bottom layer to look wrinkled.


I then changed it to -0.05, but the gaps came back again. 

Here are my settings:




The plate is not evenly alligned, and/or also the Z axis nozzle distance can be to high.

By starting the print  change the Z axis distance to higher negative value (f.e. -0,216) directly  in the printer setting when the printer is running a brim or first layer is created.

The firs layer should look like in this image

You need to play with the nozzle distance.


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