mainboard switch anet A8 bukobot



ive got a bukobot v2. the mainboard broke, a friend of mine has a anet A8 printer. and very happy about the controler. so i ordered a anet a8 mainboard and lcd. to put on my bukobot.

now before i start printing, i think i have to change some settings, like the rod bukobot uses and the steppers. ive got the details of my bukobot : X & Y Steps using 15 teeth / 3.18 pitch synchromesh cable 111.98/mm at 1/32 microstepping
Z Steps for M6 threaded rods: 6400/mm at 1/32 microstepping
Extruder Steps using Tatsu Drive Gear and 13.6:1 ratio stepper motor (Bukobot): 630/mm at 1/8 microstepping


how can i get my anet A8 mainboard to drive my bukobot ?

somthing to do with the Gcode ?

i use cura 3.1.0




A great for calculating the steps/mm needed for calibration is this site:


Enter the hardware settings (microstepping is 1/16) and there you have your settings. For the extruder, I would recommend the manual calibration. Set a somewhat reasonable setting (the 630 steps/mm) and try to extrude 50mm. Measure it and use the difference to calculate the new steps/mm to exactly have 50mm.


For the X/Y/Z you will have to know the Steps/rotation of your stepper motors also. Because your old board used 1/32 microstepping using an M5 threaded rod for the Z axis, I calculated 200 steps/rotation for the Z stepper motor. So I assume all your stepper motors are the same. With this information you should be able to calculate the steps/mm.


Another thing: the print bed size, the homing offset position, the thermal sensors used, .... all these information must be configured to match your printer.

Download the latest Marlin and have a look at the configuration file. You will have to at least check and change all settings there, compile marlin and flash it onto your Anet board. This way you should be good to go ;).

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