Monoprice maker select with electrical blow

when I get home from school at 5:30 because after school activities. The first thing I do is design things, for example the day I wrote this I designed a house, in the middle of the process of designing I went to the other side of my house since I study in the same room as my desktop computer so I don't hear the printer. I turned it on and preheated pla then I keep working on the house, when I am designing, my dad says something is burning, and I walk in the room and the printer was off and there was a very foul smell like electrical. I've only had the monoprice maker select v2 for two months and 8 days and it's already broken. Does anyone have a solution on what to do. And the printer seems to be a bigger fire hazzard than I thought it was Too. Anyone know what to do or should I just get a replacement?


Contact the manufacturer about warranty and also try to determine the cause of the problem.

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