Need 3D Scanning service in or near Binghamton, NY

Looking for some immediate scanning services, as well as repeating services with ongoing projects. 


The present need is a metrology application.  Not very tight tolerances, but we just need to get a better idea of a part is to spec which is not readily measured by CMM or other traditional methods. 


I have 6 different parts, and can provide a few of each to get a reasonable sampling.  I fit is cost effective for you to convert to a solid that can be considered, otherwise in the interest of time and $ , I can just take an STL and compare it to our nominal CAD model.


And as I mentioned, there is a lot of future development type work where I need to get parts scanned to use as baseline models in some new products. 


Please get in touch if you are reasonably close to Binghamton, NY.  Would love to know who is nearby for these services and eventually maybe printing prototypes as well.





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